Proven Ways to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

Gaining muscle fast is an achievable endeavor that requires discipline and commitment.

For you to gain muscle fast, you have to adopt an effective workout routine and proper diet. In this post, we go into details to discuss ways to gain muscle mass fast.

Workouts to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

Begin with basic strength training

Starting with basic strength training ensures that you have enough strength to lift heavier weights. The strength training should be multi-joint exercises such as

  • Bench presses (for chest)
  • Overhead presses (for deltoids)
  • Barbell rows (for your back)
  • Squats (for legs)

When you start with strength training exercise while you are still energetic, it allows you to lift heavier which is better for muscle growth.

Weight lifting and resistance training promote muscle growth. Plyometric exercises, including jumping jacks and burpees, can also stimulate muscle growth.

Go all in

If you want to build muscle mass fast, you should do high-intensity workouts.

Light and long exercises do not promote as much muscle growth because they do no cause muscles to break down and rebuild (breaking down and rebuilding of tissue is what promotes muscle growth).

Consider having 30-45 minutes high-intensity workout sessions 3-4 times per week. Working out every other day may sound too easy, but it is not as easy since the workouts should be as intense as you can.

By going as hard as you can, your muscles will become sore during your first few weeks, but the soreness will reduce as you get used to the workout routine.

Endeavor to push the most weight you can within your abilities and use the correct form. Test your body limits by increasing the weight you lift.

Perform repetitions (reps) with different weights. Consider doing 3-4 sets of 8 to 12 reps without putting the weights down.

If you feel that the weight you are lifting is too much for your ability, lower the weight, but keep on testing your limits.

While doing 12 reps without putting the weight down, the first 6 reps are generally strength gaining exercises (at the expense of muscle growth) while the next 6 reps stimulate the gain of muscle mass.

If you realize that 10 or more reps do not give you a burning sensation, consider adding more weight because the weight you are using may be too light for you.

The key point here is to challenge yourself and go as hard as possible because it is a necessary condition for fast muscle mass growth.

Lift explosively

When lifting the weight, do it as quickly as you can (while avoiding accidents or injuries). When lowering the weight, do it as slowly as possible.

Lowering the weight slowly exerts more stress on your muscles which is good for muscle growth.

Use proper form

You should endeavor to do all reps with good form so as to develop proper technique.

If you are a beginner, ensure that the rep target is within your body strength capabilities.

Observe how you behave while exercising until you can identify the right groove for the exercises you do. Be more alert while starting out as this may define your success or failure.

Observe that you seamlessly complete the full motion of the exercise you are doing without leaning over or changing position.

If you notice that you can’t perfectly complete the motion, you should probably be pushing less weight, so you should consider reducing the weight.

You will mostly require to start the exercises with your arms or legs in an extended position.

It is advisable to seek the services of a personal trainer, especially for the first few sessions. The trainer will guide you on how to use the proper form for the different exercises in your routine.

The trainer will also advise you on creating the most effective workout routine for fast muscle growth. Once you have learned how to perform the exercises correctly, you may continue on your own.

Vary the speed of your reps

Both fast reps and slow reps can be of benefit to your muscle building endeavor as long as they are done with proper form.

When you vary the speed of your reps, you create an element of surprise such that your muscles won’t adapt to the similar speeds.

You can alternate slow reps with fast reps for better effects.

Ensure that you do the proper form with the fast reps – don’t compromise form to increase speeds.

Make sure that you go through the full range of motion for maximum benefits.

Alternate muscle groups

Working out the same muscle groups with every workout is not recommended because you can damage your muscles.

Instead, rotate muscle groups such that each workout session focuses on a different muscle group.

This way you are more likely to sustain the high intensity that is needed for fast muscle growth.

If your workout routine is to exercise every other day, you may consider doing the following.

  • First workout: focus on your chest, shoulders, back, and abdominal muscles.
  • Second workout: do exercises for your legs, biceps, and triceps
  • Third workout: exercise your chest and abs again
Avoid flattening out

The human body is a very efficient system. It finds ways of coping with stress such as exercise stress.

But you need to challenge your body to sustain muscle growth. That is why it is necessary to increase the intensity of your workouts over time to ensure that your body doesn’t go into a comfort zone.

Pushing the same amount of weight every time you work out will not give you the progress you want.

You have to push your body to its limits. You do this by adding the weight you lift immediately you notice that it is becoming easy to exercise. Switch up your exercises!

Also, observe your body closely so that you can take notice of when your muscle growth has stopped or decreased.

Reduced muscle growth or the lack of muscle gain altogether could be a sign that you need to go harder in the gym.

Get enough rest between workouts

Exercise increases your metabolism rate which makes the resting period after workouts all the more important.

When resting, your body reduces the amount of energy used on other activities, and it uses the time and energy to focus on muscle building.

In fact, cardio exercises such as running can impede muscle growth. Ensure that you get enough rest in between workouts to give your body enough a chance to rebuild.

It is important that you get a good night’s sleep so that you turn up for the next workout session feeling fresh and energetic.

Use a variety of workout machines

Varying the types of workout machines, you use has similar effects to varying the speeds of your reps – it prevents your muscle from adapting to a familiar workout routine.

If your muscles get used to a specific motion type, their growth will slow down, or even cease.

Develop the mind muscle connection

Research has shown that having the right mindset is instrumental in getting faster results with workouts.

A positive mindset will boost your gains in the gym – it keeps you focused, motivated and energetic.

When working out, try to be fully in the moment and avoid any other issues that you may have.

Focus entirely on yourself and not the person next to you. you can improve your mindset by doing the following

Keep a visual image of your target muscle growth as you work out.

While lifting weight with one hand, consider placing your other hand on the muscle you are exercising.

By doing this, you get to feel the muscle movement and how it is straining, which can be helpful with staying focused and in the moment.

Remember that it is the effect of the weight you are lifting that leads to muscle growth, and not the amount of weight.

The impact of the weight is also influenced by your thinking and what your mind is focused on.

Track your training sessions

It is likely that you will forget the number of repetitions you do for each of the exercises in your routine.

You may also forget the amount of weight you pushed previously. This is why it is important to track your training sessions effectively.

You can do this by keeping a comprehensive log of the weights you lift and the repetitions you do – this keeps you informed and on track.

For muscle gain, tracking your performance is essential. Since you need to push your body to higher levels, you must know how you performed previously so that you try to beat the record. This is why keeping a detailed log of your performance is essential.

While on the exercise log, it would be helpful to record other observations such as your feelings, your pre-workout, and post-workout food, and the general atmosphere of your workout location.

These are important observations that could have a profound influence on your performance and results.

Eating for Fast Muscle Gain

Eat whole foods that are rich in calories

While exercising for muscle growth, try to get your calories from nutritious whole foods. The high-calorie whole foods will supply your body with the much-needed energy for fast muscle growth.

Avoid high-calorie low-nutrition foods such as foods with high sugar content, bleached white flour, and trans-fats – Such foods lead to fat accumulation instead of muscle growth. Avoid additives that are low in nutrition as well.

Ensure that you eat a wide range of whole foods from all the food groups so as to boost your muscle growth.

Eating protein dishes with high-calorie content is important for bodybuilding.

Such dishes include steak, roast beef, roast chicken. Other options are salmon, eggs, and pork.

Protein is essential for muscle growth, and you should, therefore, boost your protein intake.

Foods that contain additives such as bacon and sausage should be avoided. They aren’t good for muscle growth, and they lead to body fat accumulation, especially when eaten in large quantities.

Boost your fruit and vegetable intake. Ensure that you eat a wide variety of these. Fruit and vegetables are essential for the provision of fiber and essential nutrients that help keep you hydrated.

Eat whole grains such as oatmeal, whole meat quinoa, and buckwheat. Avoid eating white bread, muffins, waffles, and such foods.

Boost your legumes and nuts intake by eating foods such as black beans, walnuts, peanuts, and almonds.

Increase your food intake

You need to eat more than you usually do. In fact, you should eat a lot more than you think you need.

If you want your muscles to grow, you don’t just eat enough for satisfaction; you have to go a step further.

Consider adding an extra serving to your meals. If you can handle the extra serving, add another one. Your body needs the food for fuel in muscle building.

Go heavy with breakfast. Your breakfast may include foods such as a bowl of oatmeal, eggs and some fruit such as an apple or a banana.

Your lunch may include a chicken sandwich, nuts, and avocado.

You could have steak, potatoes, and veggies for dinner.

Try to have an extra serving for each meal. More importantly, avoid skipping any meals.

Boost your protein absorption

Workouts combined with protein intake are two of the most crucial factors for gaining muscle mass fast.

Proteins are essential for muscle building and repair. An improved protein absorption rate can, therefore, help you gain muscle mass fast.

Most of the protein absorbed by the human body comes from the food we eat.

Some habits can reduce the absorption of proteins in your body which is a bad thing for muscle gain, but there are ways to prevent such a scenario.

If you spread your protein diet in small servings, you can improve your protein absorption.

Your body is only capable of absorbing up to 10 g of protein per hour, and therefore, taking a lot of protein in one serving can lead to wasted protein.

Eating acidic foods can also improve your protein absorption rate. The human body has to break down protein into amino acids in order to absorb it, and acidic foods can boost the breakdown of protein.

Acidic foods, such as orange juice, make the stomach environment more acidic which enhances protein breakdown.

Also, we recommend that you eat foods that have all the essential amino acids. This leads to a balance of amino acids in the body which is good for muscle growth. You can eat foods such as steak, eggs, fish and dairy products.

Boosting your vitamin B-6 intake can increase your protein absorption. This is because Vitamin B-6 facilitates the breakdown of protein into amino acids.

Eating complex carbs triggers the body to release insulin. Increased levels of insulin improve the absorption of amino acids by the body muscles while you are working out. Such complex carbs are whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Other factors the can boost your protein absorption include chewing your food thoroughly, reducing alcohol consumption and maintaining good emotional health.

Consider having five meals per day

Don’t wait until you are starving so that you eat again. You need to continually refuel your body if you want to build muscle fast.

You will not need to eat as much once you have gained the muscles, so enjoy it as it lasts. In between your main meals, try to squeeze in two other meals.

Consider taking food supplements, but don’t rely on them

You may take protein supplements as a complement to your diet, but don’t rely on these supplements to fuel your muscle-building phase.

For fast muscle gain, you have to get most of your calories from whole foods that are calorie-rich.

Certain supplements that won’t harm the body can help accelerate the bodybuilding process. Avoid illicit supplements.

Don’t try to take short cuts in this muscle gain journey, because there can be dire consequences. Illicit supplements can lead to long-term health problems.

Supplements such as Creatine can increase your ATP stores, which allows you to do more reps before you deplete your ATP. This in effect means that you can handle more exercise.

Protein shakes can help boost your calorie intake if you are struggling with eating enough real food.

Talking to a dietician can also be helpful. A dietician with bodybuilding nutrition experience can guide you on the safest and most beneficial supplements.

You may also want to talk to your healthcare provider before starting to take any supplements.

Ensure that you remain within the recommended dosages of the nutritional supplements you take. The dosage is usually indicated on the bottle.

Amino acid supplements and fish oil supplements are some of the best supplements for muscle gain.

Vitamin supplements, such as vitamins C, D and E can boost your muscle growth.

Stay well hydrated

The level of exercise needed for muscle gain can dry you out very quickly. Consider getting yourself a water bottle so that you can carry some water with you wherever you go.

This way you can drink water regularly to stay hydrated. Generally, 3 liters of water a day is a good amount of water to drink, but you can increase your intake pre-workout and post-workout.

Avoid sugary and carbonated drinks such as soda. They don’t help with your muscle gain. In fact, they might hurt your strength training.

Also, avoid alcohol as much as you can, because it dehydrates you and robs you of energy that you need to exercise and build muscle.

Alcohol could also be bad for your appetite and diet which is, in turn, bad for your muscle growth.

Know your body better

It is important that you take notice of what works for you and what doesn’t. As you make changes to your diet, pay attention to your muscles and take note of what is happening with them. Everyone is genetically different.

One type of food may work wonders on one person, and the same type of food may not deliver tangible results for another person. Make keen observations for a week or two and switch up if you don’t notice any results.

Focusing On Muscle Building

Get more hours of sleep

Resting is vital for muscle growth, and there is no better way of resting than sleeping. Try to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every day. If you can sleep for 8 to 9 hours a day, that would even be better.

Focus exclusively on weights

Cut down on other cardio activities and put all your energy into weight-training.

Cardio activities such as running cause extra strain on your body which is detrimental to muscle gain.

Also, such cardio exercises use up calories that could have gone into muscle building.

Cardio exercises are good for your overall health in the long term, but they can hurt your short-term muscle gain goal.

You should, therefore, consider suspending them in the short term (maybe for a few months)

Final Thoughts

We have discussed the various ways to gain muscle mass fast. For your bodybuilding exercises to produce results, you have to do them correctly and consistently.

Missing workout sessions is highly discouraged as this can allow the muscles to relax too much and cease growing.

For muscles to grow fast, you need to subject them to a constant cycle of stress and recovery. You will need to maintain high levels of discipline with your exercises.

You also need to be patient with your muscle growth endeavor. Just like most other good things, muscle gains do not happen overnight.

It is a result of sheer hard work and dedication. Proper diet is another essential factor for gaining muscle mass fast.

Vitamins, proteins, and carbs are all important for muscle growth. You should prioritize whole foods as your source of these essential nutrients.

If you follow the tips provided here and stay dedicated to your bodybuilding goal, you can gain muscle mass fast.

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