Best Running Apps for Every Type of Runner

Running is a great exercise that can help in staying fit and in good health. Running can also be a challenging exercise that needs a lot of strength and motivation.

Fortunately, technology can be of help in providing you with an effective means of collecting and analyzing crucial running data that can be used to run better– this is done through running apps.

Running apps can present tremendous benefits to your running workouts. In this post, we will outline the best running apps that can help you run better.

Best Overall Running Apps

Runkeeper, Endomondo, MapMyRun, and iSmoothRun are some of the best running apps overall. Let us look at their functionalities.


Runkeeper provides you with incredible features that can go a long way in enhancing your running experience and results.

The app tracks, records and presents vital stats such as distance and pace. It has high levels of accuracy.

This app can use GPS technology to provide you with your running map.

With this app, you have the option of setting a customized voice that can be motivating and helpful with performance.

The app also provides you with personalized schedules and reminder functionalities – this can help you to plan and attend your running promptly.

Runkeeper offers a comprehensive record of your workout history which you can refer to for benchmarking, motivation and planning. Your running history can also help you identify the areas where you need to improve.

The app provides an avenue for performance comparison among running mates which can be an effective motivator and discipline factor.

The app can be very instrumental in enhancing your running performance and reaching your fitness and health goals.


This app provides you with an efficient means of tracking distance, calories burned and running routes. With this app, you can also schedule exercises and set goals.

This is a multipurpose exercise app that can track over 30 exercises other than running. The app supports Google Fit, Samsung Gear and Android Wear to avail more functionalities.

Endomondo offers training and coaching plans. You can get feedback from a virtual audio coach.

It provides a variety of training plans to choose from. The app can also create a customized training plan based on your current fitness level and goals.

You can use this app with a heart rate monitor to get your heart rate data as well. The heart rate data can show the time you spent in various heart rate zones, information that can be important if you are looking to intensify your training.

You can compare your running performance with other runners. You can also send and receive pep talks. Through its social functionality, you can share pictures, experiences, and ideas with the running community.

The audio coach provides you with a coaching guide appropriate for your running and analyzes your performance once you complete the run. This app will offer deep insights beneficial to your running and can help you achieve your goals more readily.


This app is used all over the world by both amateur and professional runners — it has proven to be very helpful with workouts.

MapMyRun is one of the most effective running apps available. It provides great features that will help your running.

The app offers audio performance feedback available after you complete a GPS-tracked run.

MapMyRun also has an impressive Gear Tracker feature that tracks the use of your running shoes with time (Shoe mileage). It also advises on when to change the shoes.

it has a Route Features that saves your favorite running routes and helps in discovering new routes. You may also use this feature to share your running routes with other runners.

This app is suitable for both amateur and professional runners, and it can tremendously improve your running.


This app has a user-friendly uncluttered interface. You can track various running metrics such as speed, pace, distance, elevation, and splits. This app is also capable of monitoring the maximum heart rate. It presents the data in straightforward graphs.

This app is suitable for coaches and runners alike. It was created by runners, and that is why it is designed so effectively. This app is an excellent option for serious runners.

You can also use this app to track your cycling, hiking and walking. It is compatible with Apple Watch, and you can export your running data to other platforms. You may also share your data on social media.

This app provides you with a variety of training plans that come with audio coaching. The app can also track your shoe mileage and let you know when to replace your shoes. It is compatible with both Footpod and GPS watch when being run on iOS.

You can customize your interval workouts with iSmoothRun. The app also has a metronome. The data provided by this app can be used for benchmarking and making improvements.

Beginner Running Apps

If you are just getting started with running, Google Fit, Runtastic, and Nike+ are the best running apps to consider.

Google Fit

This app has a user-friendly interface. This app will track your running exercises and calories burned. It presents data in straightforward charts so that you can easily analyze your progress. This app is very accurate in tracking your running speed, pace, and elevation.

It also provides you with your running route. It is compatible with most smartwatches allowing you to track other aspects such as heart rate.

This app provides you with exercise recommendations customized to your goals and data. These recommendations can help improve your stamina and performance.

this app can be allowed to take information from other running apps such as Strava and Runkeeper and combine it for more helpful centralized running data.


Rantastic is an ideal app for tracking various exercise activities such as running, jogging and walking. This app will provide you with vital and well-organized performance info including distance, speed, time spent and calories burned.

Rantastic has an incredible inbuilt coach that will assist you to improve your performance.

This app tracks and keeps a comprehensive record of your real-time running performance. It also maintains extensive records of your past running details.

This way, you will be able to analyze and see how you have improved and what performance aspects you should work on harder.

This app provides you with weather forecasts so that you can plan your running routine appropriately and prevent weather interruptions.

The Rantastic leaderboard is a convenient means of performance comparison with other runners. The feature promotes competition between running mates.

The app features a music player so that you can listen to your favorite music tracks as you run. This helps with improving concentration, providing entertainment and motivation. It also features live tracking and cheering functionalities which enhance your running experience.

Rantastic is a great app that will keep a complete record of your running which you can use for planning, record tracking and benchmarking.

Nike+ Run Club

If you want to track your running performance effectively, then you should consider using the Nike+ Run Club. This app can improve your running through the provision of critical running data and other relevant running information.

The app has an in-run audio feedback that provides you with performance reports in real-time.

This apps accuracy is excellent. You get as accurate running stats as possible.

The app’s leadership charts promote competition among running mates, while also promoting motivation and discipline. Improved performance is encouraged by this feature.

This app offers an online training program and coaching that can help you achieve your workout goals faster and more conveniently.

The vital running starts and support provided by this running app can help to enhance your performance. This app also enables access to an online community of fellow runners where you can get support, knowledge, and motivation.

Social and Competitive Runners

If you are the competitive kind and you would love to share your running stats with other runners, Strava, Pumatrac, and RaceRunner could be suitable running apps for you. These apps provide incredible features that can be very supportive of your social and competitive running.


Pumatrac provides you with the necessary tracking tools such as speed and distance tracking, plus other information relevant to your running, such weather and time of day.

This app collects your running data, analyzes it and then gives you a quality score for your run. Pumatrac also looks into your running behavior and provides you with insights based on that.

This app accumulates your running information over time to help it learn more about you and thereby provide customized insights with more accuracy.

The app interface is straightforward and clutter-free to ensure that you don’t have any difficulty using it. Pumatrac is also minimalist such that it doesn’t use much of your system’s resources or drain your battery.

This is a multipurpose and versatile app.

You may also use this app to track over 25 other fitness activities.

You can access your favorite Spotify playlist through this app allowing you to listen to your favorite music as you run.

the built-in social news feed provides a great platform to connect with other runners. This promotes motivation and the sharing of insights and ideas.

The app offers an internal leaderboard which is instrumental in promoting friendly competition and sharing of real-time insights among runners.

You can share running routes with fellow runners in your area and compare performance data.

The app provides a social media sharing option allowing you to share your running performance with your social media friends.

The most active runners are rewarded on this app.

This app will provide you with crucial insights regardless of your running performance


This app makes running more fun by providing additional features such as Free Run and Buddy Run. This is an ideal running app if you are a competitive runner.

You can sync your running with other runners around the world, in real-time. This app allows you to send race invites to your friends, wait for runs or even start your own race.

You can compare your progress and performance with other runners around the world. RaceRunner has achieved success in bringing runners together for friendly competition that promotes running performance.

It provides in-run voice prompts that inform you about your performance such as speed, time and position in the race. This apps is even capable of telling you the distance between you and the runner in front of you.

With this app, you receive points for every run you complete – you can redeem these points for rewards.

This app is fantastic for tracking running progress. It keeps a straightforward log of your stats, and it has a run tracker. You can do time trial runs with this app, without connecting your phone.

If you want to push yourself and compete with other runners, you should consider this app.


This app provides you with vital information about your running activities. It is widely used all over the world and is definitely one of the best running apps.

This incredible app provides you with top-notch features that help in performance tracking with various performance metrics such as interval timing and pace distribution.

This app displays your personal records so that you can know how you are progressing. It can be used by amateur and professional runners as well. It is suitable for runners who would like to focus a lot on their performance.

Strava provides you with running stats including speed and distance covered. With this app, you will also be able to see elevation and calories data –how much elevation you gain and how much calories you burn. Strava also provides you with an interactive map of how you ran.

It provides you with a means of following other runner’s performance and activity which is good for motivation and pace making.

Through this app, you can share your running data and details on your social media accounts.

Strava provides compatibility with most of the GPS running watches in the market. It is also highly compatible with GPS activity trackers.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen here, running apps can help simplify your running process and enhance your running experience.

It is essential that you choose a suitable running app depending on your needs and features offered.

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